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What is chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a science, art, and philosophy which is based on the relationship between the spine, nerves, and function of the body. Our nervous system sends impulses to every single area of our body to control all aspects of how we function. The chiropractic approach involves detecting and reducing nervous system dysfunction, as well as preventing possible future nervous system interferences.

What is a subluxation?

A subluxation is when a vertebra has lost its normal position and/or motion in relation to the neighboring vertebrae. This leads to dysfunctional biomechanics in the spine, which can accelerate wear and tear on the spinal muscles, ligaments, discs, and joints. Because of the direct relationship between the spine and the spinal nerve roots, subluxations also compromise nerve function, possibly leading to visceral disorders as well.

What is a chiropractic adjustment?

The adjustment is a ‘spinal manipulation’ used by chiropractors to treat subluxations. The result is a thrust applied to a specific bone to ‘unlock’ it from its improper position. The area can then resume healthy alignment and the remove any nervous system interference, while also improving mobility.

Can I just take pills?

Medications will only mask the symptoms of a spinal or nervous system problem. You may feel better temporarily, but the problem will not be fixed. Also, the medications typically have side effects that can negatively effect other areas of the body. Chiropractic care treats the cause of the problem, not only the symptoms.

How did chiropractic begin?

Chiropractic began in 1895. The first adjustment was performed by D.D. Palmer to help a patient recover from hearing loss after an injury. Today chiropractic is the third largest health care profession.

What training do chiropractors have?

Chiropractors complete a four-year bachelor degree, followed by a four year doctorate program at an accredited chiropractic college. The main subjects studied include anatomy, physiology, basic sciences, and clinical disciplines. They are specifically trained in patient examination, diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. Rather than use medication or invasive surgical procedures, chiropractors use a conservative hands-on approach.

Is chiropractic treatment ongoing?

It is a misconception that once you initiate chiropractic care, that you must continue forever. Some patients will pursue treatment until symptoms disappear, while many choose to continue with treatment become they feel so much improvement and want to maintain that. Each patient requires a treatment plan that is customized for the specific condition, and is based on factors including age, current health status, health history, and activity level.

What are other good links for health information?

  • WebMD.com – discusses topics on chiropractic care
  • ToYourHealth.com – gives alternative health and wellness options
  • Spine-health.com – information specific to neck and back pain
  • NCCAM.NIH.gov –National Center of Complementary and Alternative Health
  • Drweil.com – a leading integrative medicine health care provider
  • ACATODAY.org – up-to-date information from the American Chiropractic Association

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